What’s new in Final Cut Pro
What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.0.1, What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.0.3, What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.0.6, What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.1, What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.1.2, What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.2.

Final Cut Pro basics
Media files and clips, Interface overview, Workflow overview, What are libraries?, What is Final Cut Pro?.

Import media
Import and adjust REDCODE RAW video files, Supported media formats, Memory cards and cables, Import while recording, Import from devices, Import from other applications, Import from connected cameras, If it’s your first import, Overview.

Analyze media
View analysis keywords, Analyze your media, Audio analysis options, Video and still-image analysis options, Overview.

Organize your library
Restore a library from automatic backups, Find items, Organize clips, Organize your projects, events, and media, Overview.

Play back and skim media
About background rendering, Control playback quality and performance, Use an external video monitor, Use a second display, Play back and skim media in the Event Viewer, Skim media, Play back media, Overview.

Edit your project
Correct excessive shake and rolling shutter issues, Work with markers, View and navigate, Cut and trim clips, Arrange clips, Add and remove clips, Select clips and ranges, Create and manage projects, Overview.

Edit audio
Audio tools and techniques, Add and adjust audio effects, Edit audio clips or audio components, Add audio, Audio editing basics, Overview.

Add transitions, titles, effects, and generators
Use the Video Animation Editor, Use onscreen controls, About themes, Add generators, Add and adjust clip effects, Adjust built-in effects, Add and adjust 3D titles, Add and adjust titles, Add and adjust transitions, Overview.

Advanced editing
Edit with multicam clips, Use XML to transfer projects and events, Use roles to manage clips, Conform frame sizes and frame rates, Retime clips to create speed effects, Try out clips using auditions, Make three-point edits, Create split edits, Fine-tune edits with the Precision Editor, Add storylines.

Keying, masking, and compositing
Compositing, Masking, Keying.

Color correction
Measure video levels, Turn log processing on or off, Turn iMovie adjustments on or off, Save and apply color correction presets, Adjust color manually, Match color automatically, Analyze and balance color automatically, Overview.

Share your project
View the status of shared projects, Export using Compressor, Share roles as files, Modify share attributes, Create and modify share destinations, Supported export formats, Share projects, clips, and ranges, Overview.

Manage media, libraries, and archives
Solutions to common media management issues, Create and manage camera archives, Manage libraries, Manage your media files, Update your projects and events to Final Cut Pro 10.1, Overview.

Preferences and metadata
Work with metadata, Final Cut Pro preferences, Overview.

Keyboard shortcuts and gestures
Customize keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, Keyboard shortcuts, Overview.