3D titles workflow

Although 3D titles can be customized in unlimited ways, you can create impressive-looking 3D text in just a few steps.

Step 1: Create a 3D title

You can either add a 3D title from the Titles Browser or convert an existing 2D title to 3D. Either way, you’ll wind up with a 3D title that has basic settings.

Title in Viewer and with default settings in Text inspector

Step 2: Apply a preset style

If you want to take advantage of the ready-made 3D text styles that come with Final Cut Pro, you can select the title and choose a preset 3D style in the Text inspector.

This applies a combination of settings, including the font, weight, depth, and appearance. Each of these attributes can be further customized, but the preset styles are a great way to get started.

Title in Viewer with Rough Stone preset text style and settings in Text inspector

Step 3: Adjust 3D text settings

You can customize your 3D title by adjusting basic text settings (including font, size, tracking, line spacing, and capitalization). You can also modify 3D-specific text attributes such as depth, text weight, edge style, and corner style. All of these attributes can be modified in the Text inspector.

Title in Viewer with custom text settings in Text inspector

To get a good look at all sides of your title, you can use onscreen controls to rotate the title or move it in 3D space.

Title in Viewer, rotated in 3D space to show side view

Step 4: Modify the materials

You can define the surface appearance of the 3D title by applying preset materials or by creating custom materials. Materials include substances (such as metal or plastic), paint layers, distress layers, and more. Each layer has many attributes, allowing you to create limitless variations in appearance. You can also apply different materials to different facets of 3D titles (front, back, side, and edges).

Title in Viewer, with preset material settings in Text inspector

To learn more about materials, see Materials overview.

Step 5: Add a lighting style

Another way to customize the appearance of your 3D title is to add a lighting style. You can choose from preset lighting styles in the Lighting section of the Text inspector.

You can customize the lighting in a variety of ways, but presets are a great way to quickly create a unique and realistic look.

Title in Viewer, with preset lighting style settings in Text inspector

Step 6: Integrate the text with your composition

Finally, you can combine your 3D title with backgrounds or other elements to create an organic, integrated scene. You can also apply glow or drop shadow effects in this final step.

Title in Viewer, combined with background image