Add a 3D title

Add a 3D title the same way you would add a normal 2D text title. For details (including alternative ways to add titles), see Add titles to your project.

Add a 3D title

  1. Drag the playhead in the Timeline to the point where you want to add the title.

  2. Click the Titles button in the toolbar (or choose Window > Media Browser > Titles).

    Titles button in toolbar
  3. Select a 3D titles category in the Titles Browser.

  4. Do any of the following:

    • To add a 3D title to a project clip: Double-click the title in the Titles Browser.

      The title clip is connected to the clip in the primary storyline at the position of the playhead and appears superimposed over that clip. If the playhead isn’t over a clip, the title is superimposed over the default background.

    • To add a title between clips in the Timeline: Drag the title from the Titles Browser to the edit point between the clips where you want the title clip to appear.

    • To replace an existing Timeline clip with a 3D title: Drag a title from the Titles Browser to the clip in the Timeline that you want to replace, and choose Replace from the shortcut menu.

    The title appears in your project, showing the front of the text. For information on how to manipulate and examine all facets of your 3D titles, see Rotate a title in 3D space with onscreen controls and Move 3D titles with onscreen controls.

    Viewer showing basic 3D title with default settings

Note: Some 3D titles come with their own built-in backgrounds. You can disable (or enable) the built-in background in the Title inspector.