Adjust basic 3D text settings

In many ways, 3D text is just like 2D text, and you can modify most of the text attributes (including font, size, tracking, line spacing, and capitalization) exactly the same way you modify those attributes for 2D text.

Note: To modify the depth, texture, and lighting attributes of 3D text, use the controls in the 3D Text section of the Text inspector. For more information, see Modify depth, weight, edges, and corners, Materials overview, and Lighting overview.

Adjust basic 3D text settings

  1. Double-click a 3D title clip in the Timeline.

    The title appears in the Viewer, and the text in the first text object in the title clip is selected. To modify a different text object in the same title, select it in the Viewer.

  2. To open the Text inspector, choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-4).

  3. Adjust the basic text settings as needed.

    For a list of available controls, see Controls in the Text inspector.

    For basic instructions on working with 2D or 3D titles, see Adjust titles.

    Note: To reveal the controls in each of the sections, you may need to scroll down in the Text inspector and double-click each section name.