Add light-emitting material layers

The Emit material layer type causes the selected 3D text layer to appear to be self-illuminating rather than just reflecting other light. The light emitted using this method does not illuminate other objects or cause shadows to be cast.

Viewer showing 3D title with emit layer and without emit layer

In fact, the Emit layer is a texture with a single color or gradient, which is superimposed on top of the 3D title. This makes the image appear brighter. Depending on which type of fill you choose, a different set of options appears.

Add an emit layer

  1. Select a 3D title in the Timeline.

  2. To open the Inspector pane, do one of the following:

    • Choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-4).

    • Click the Inspector button in the toolbar.

      Inspector button
  3. Click the Text button at the top of the Inspector pane to open the Text inspector.

  4. In the Material section of the 3D Text section, click the Add Layer pop-up menu and choose Emit.

    An Emit section is added to the Text inspector.

    Emit section in Material section of the Text inspector
  5. Click the Fill pop-up menu and choose a fill type (Color or Gradient).

    The fill type determines what additional parameters appear in the Emit section of the Text inspector. For a description of all Emit parameters, see Emit controls.