Save a modified material

After you create your own materials, you can save those textures as custom presets. Saving a modified material as a custom preset includes all material layers shown in the Text inspector at the time of saving (including disabled material layers).

Save the current material as a preset

  1. In the Material section of the 3D Text section of the Text inspector, click the preview thumbnail and choose Save Material from the pop-up menu.

    3D Text section of the Text inspector, showing Materials menu
  2. In the Save Preset to Library window, type a descriptive name for the preset, and click Save.

    The currently selected material is saved as a preset. Saved preset materials appear in alphabetical order at the bottom of the material preset pop-up menu. You can apply the preset as you would any other material preset.

Note: You can organize saved custom preset materials using Motion, an Apple application designed to work with Final Cut Pro. See the information about organizing saved custom preset materials in Motion Help.