Move 3D titles with onscreen controls

Final Cut Pro uses a 3D coordinate system to precisely control the look of your 3D titles. This system specifies the center of the Viewer as 0, 0, 0. Moving a text object to the left subtracts from the X value, moving to the right adds to the X value, and so on.

Diagram showing two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional X, Y, and Z axes

The main difference between 2D text and 3D text is that with 3D text you can change your point of view, so that moving an object up doesn’t always mean increasing its Y Position value.

Move a title in 3D space

  1. Add a 3D title to your project and select it in the Timeline.

  2. Position the playhead in the Timeline so that your 3D title appears in the Viewer.

  3. In the Viewer, click the 3D title once.

    The 3D onscreen controls appear in the Viewer for the 3D title, including position handles for the X, Y, and Z axes.

    Viewer showing 3D title, including position handles for the X, Y, and Z axes
  4. Do any of the following:

    • To move the object horizontally along its X axis: Drag the red arrow.

    • To move the object vertically along its Y axis: Drag the green arrow.

    • To move the object forward or backward along its Z axis: Drag the blue handle.

    As you drag, the active arrow turns yellow, and the status bar above the Viewer displays the current coordinates of the object as well as the distance the object has moved (delta). Coordinates are given in the form of X, Y, and Z.

    Viewer showing 3D title being moved vertically along its Y axis