Add effects to your project

You add effects to clips in your project using the Effects Browser.

Add an effect to a project clip

  1. Select a clip in the Timeline and click the Effects button in the toolbar (or press Command-5).

    Effects button in toolbar
  2. In the Effects Browser, select an effect, using any of the following to help you make the selection:

    • To preview what the effect looks like using the video from the currently selected Timeline clip: Move the pointer over the video effect thumbnails.

    • To preview changing the effect’s primary control: Hold down the Option key while moving the pointer over a video effect thumbnail.

    • To filter the list of effects that appear: Type text in the Effects Browser search field.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the effect to the Timeline clip to which you want to apply it.

    • Double-click the effect thumbnail to apply it to the selected clip.

You can now adjust the effect.