Clip effects overview

In addition to the built-in effects, Final Cut Pro includes a wide variety of video effects that you can apply to your project’s video clips. Many of the effects modify the look of your video, from adding a blur or glow to severe distortions. Some effects overlay camcorder or timecode graphics. There are also effects for keying one video clip over another and for creating areas of transparency in a clip (masking).

Final Cut Pro also includes a broad range of audio effects that you can apply to your project’s audio clips. Many of the effects modify the sound of your audio, from subtle echoes to severe pitch distortions.

After you have added an effect, you can adjust its parameters. Some effects have few adjustments, while others provide a comprehensive set, allowing you a lot of control over how the effects look. Effects can even be animated, with their settings changing as the clip plays.

You can save any combination of effects and their parameter settings as an effects preset, which appears in the Effects Browser and functions like any clip effect. For more information, see Save video effects presets and Save audio effects presets in the Effects Browser.

You can also use effect masking controls available in most video clip effects to limit the area of the video frame that is affected by a video effect or color correction.

Additionally, many video effects can be opened and changed in Motion, allowing you to create specialized versions for use in your projects.