Invert effect masks for a clip

In most cases, you use the built-in masking capability of a video effect, including a color correction, to limit the effect to a specific area or color. However, you can also invert your mask to exclude a specific area or color from the effect.

Invert effect masks for a clip

  1. Position the playhead in the Timeline so that your clip appears in the Viewer.

  2. To open the Video inspector, choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-4).

  3. Add an effect to the Timeline clip from the Effects Browser.

    Viewer and Video inspector showing clip with an effect applied
  4. Apply a shape mask or a color mask to the effect.

  5. To make the mask alpha channel visible, click View Masks (next to the effect name).

    The mask’s alpha channel appears in the Viewer. White indicates fully opaque mask areas, black indicates areas outside the mask, and levels of gray indicate transparent mask areas.

    Viewer and Video inspector showing a mask alpha channel
  6. In the Effects section of the Video inspector, move the pointer over the effect name, click the Apply Effect Masks button , and choose Invert Masks from the menu that appears.

    All mask selections for the effect are inverted.

    Viewer and Video inspector showing an inverted mask alpha channel