Controls in the Text inspector

You can make common text adjustments using controls in the Text inspector.

To access these controls, select a title clip in the Timeline and then open the Text inspector.

Basic section of Text inspector

Preset pop-up menu

  • Preset: An unlabeled pop-up menu at the top of the Text inspector, used to apply preset text styles to titles in the Timeline. You can also use this pop-up menu to save text style and format settings.

    For more information about applying and saving text styles with the Preset pop-up menu, see Apply preset text styles.

Text editor

  • Text: Many titles include a text field (the darker shaded area) to add and edit text in your title from the Inspector.

Basic controls

  • Font: A pop-up menu to choose a font for selected text.

  • Typeface: An unlabeled pop-up menu (to the right of the Font pop-up menu) to choose a type style, such as Regular, Bold, Condensed, and so on. The available typefaces are specific to the font family selected in the Font pop-up menu.

  • Size: A slider to set the point size of the text. The slider is constrained to a maximum of 288 points. To create larger text, drag to the right over the numeric value slider, or click the value, type a new number, and press Return.

  • Alignment: Buttons to set the alignment and justification of text.

  • Vertical Alignment: Buttons to set the vertical alignment of text.

Advanced controls

Click the Advanced disclosure triangle to open the advanced text controls.

Advanced section of Text inspector
  • Line Spacing: A slider to set the distance between each line of text (leading) in point-size increments.

    Tip: To modify the spacing for individual lines of text when hard returns are present, select text, then adjust the Line Spacing slider. Spacing is modified on the line that includes the selected text.

  • Tracking: A slider to set the spacing between text characters; applies a uniform value between each character.

  • Kerning: A slider to adjust spacing between text characters.

  • Baseline: A slider to adjust the baseline of text characters: an invisible horizontal line defining the bottom alignment of characters.

  • All Caps: A checkbox to make text characters uppercase.

  • All Caps Size: A slider (available when the All Caps checkbox is selected) to set the size of uppercase characters based on a percentage of the font point size.