Adjust transitions in the Transition inspector and Viewer

You can adjust a transition using the controls in the Transition inspector and Viewer.

Adjust a transition using the Transition inspector and Viewer

  1. If the Transition inspector is not already visible, choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-4).

  2. In the Timeline, select the transition to adjust.

    For this example, use the Circle transition.

    The Viewer shows any onscreen adjustments you can make by dragging the handles. The Transition inspector shows the other parameters available for you to adjust. Additionally, some transitions have an image well for you to select a video frame that appears as part of the transition.

    Viewer showing onscreen controls for transition, and Transition inspector open on right

    In the above example, you can drag the white circle in the Viewer (an onscreen control) to position the circle wipe’s center and the square to set the border width (in this case, its softness). The Transition inspector includes a setting for the circle wipe’s aspect ratio and edge treatment (including the border color if you choose a hard edge).

Additionally, many transitions have parameters that you can animate using keyframes. For example, you could have the center of the Circle transition move as you play the clip.

For more information on adjusting audio crossfades in the Transition inspector, see Fade audio in or out.