Generators overview

Final Cut Pro includes a number of video clips, called generators, that you can use in your project for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use generators to add the following elements:

  • Placeholder content: If your project is missing content that hasn’t yet been shot or delivered, you can add a placeholder clip. The placeholder generator allows you to add a clip to the Timeline with a suitable silhouette to represent the missing content. See Use a placeholder.

  • Timecode counter: You can add a generated timecode clip to your project to superimpose a timecode counter over a portion or the entire project. See Use a timecode counter.

  • Shape clip: You can choose from a wide variety of shapes for adding graphical elements to your project. See Use a shape.

  • General-purpose background clip: Final Cut Pro includes a variety of still and animated backgrounds over which you can superimpose titles or keying effects. See Use a background.

All of the generators are added as clips to the project, using their default duration. You can change their duration and position the same way you would any other video clip in the Timeline.

Note: Generator clips do not appear in the Effects Browser.