Use a placeholder

Generated placeholders are useful in many situations where you want to fill a gap in the project with something that provides a hint about what the final content will include. You can configure placeholder clips to represent a wide variety of standard shots, such as close-ups, groups, wide shots, and so on.

Insert and configure a placeholder clip

  1. Drag the playhead in the Timeline to the point where you want to add the placeholder clip.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Edit > Insert Generator > Placeholder (or press Option-Command-W).

    • Open the Generators Browser by clicking the Generators button in the toolbar, and double-click the thumbnail named Placeholder.

      Generators button in toolbar
  3. Select the placeholder clip in the Timeline.

  4. Configure the shot for the clip to represent using the settings in the Generator inspector.

    Viewer and Generator inspector showing Placeholder generator
  5. Select View Notes to add a text area in the Viewer where you can type text that pertains to this clip.

If you prefer to fill a gap in your Timeline with a blank clip, you can insert a gap clip. For more information, see Insert clips in your project.