Skew a clip’s perspective

The Distort effect is similar to the Transform effect, except that you can drag each of the corners independently of the others, allowing you to create a skewed look or add a 3D perspective to the image.

Note: The Distort effect alters the shape of the video but does not actually move the video. To move the video to a different position, use the Transform effect.

Adjust the Distort effect

  1. Select a clip in the Timeline.

  2. To access the Distort controls, do one of the following:

    • Choose Distort from the pop-up menu in the lower-left corner of the Viewer (or press Option-D).

      Distort menu item for accessing Distort controls
    • Control-click in the Viewer and choose Distort from the shortcut menu.

  3. To adjust the effect using the onscreen controls:

    • Blue handles at each corner: Drag these to adjust the position of each corner, adding a 3D perspective to the image by making parts of it appear closer to you than other parts.

    • Blue handles in the middle of each side: Drag these to adjust the position of each side. You can create a skewed look by dragging them in the same direction as their edge (as opposed to toward or away from the center).

    • Anywhere inside the window: Drag anywhere inside the window to adjust its position.

      Viewer showing Distort effect onscreen controls
  4. To individually adjust each corner using the Video inspector, use the Distort controls.

  5. When you are finished adjusting the effect and no longer need the onscreen controls, click Done.

You can animate the effect and have it appear over a background. For details on working with built-in effects, see Work with built-in effects.