Import media for a multicam edit

When you import media for a multicam project, you can give the camcorder or file-based recording device a name. Final Cut Pro uses this Camera Name tag to sort the source clips within a multicam clip during the automatic multicam clip creation process.

If you anticipate having multicam clips with numerous angles, select “Use proxy media” in Playback preferences to maintain top performance during your multicam edit. You can generate the necessary proxy versions of your clips during the import process.

If you have only a few angles in your multicam edit, you can make optimized versions of your media during import, using the Apple ProRes 422 codec. Or, if you prefer, you can select “Create optimized media for multicam clips” in Playback preferences to generate optimized media automatically every time you create a multicam clip. For more information, see Playback preferences.

Name your camera

The following instructions cover how to add the Camera Name property when you import media from a connected file-based device. You can also add the Camera Name property at a later time.

  1. Connect your camera or recording device to your computer.

  2. In Final Cut Pro, choose File > Import > Media (or press Command-I).

  3. In the Media Import window, select your camcorder or recording device from the list of devices on the left, if it’s not already selected.

  4. Click it again, and enter a name.

    Final Cut Pro uses the name you enter as the Camera Name metadata property for all clips that you import from this device.

Note: Most modern camcorders and recording devices (including all iOS devices) record a Camera ID tag. Final Cut Pro imports the Camera ID metadata automatically when you import from a file-based device and can use this information to automatically build multicam angles.