Create a hold segment

In Final Cut Pro, you can hold on a particular frame to create a still image, temporarily stopping the action onscreen. By default, Final Cut Pro adds a 2-second still frame, called a hold segment, at the location of the skimmer or playhead, but you can change the duration of the hold segment at any time.

Alternatively, you can create separate freeze-frame clips in Final Cut Pro. One key difference between freeze frames and hold segments is that hold segments remain part of the original clip and their duration can be adjusted within the clip. For more information, see Create freeze frames.

Important: Adding a hold segment to a clip increases its duration.

Create a still-image hold segment

  1. In the Timeline, do one of the following:

    • Select the clip with the frame you want to hold, and move the skimmer or playhead to that frame.

    • Select a range within a clip in the Timeline.

  2. Choose Hold from the Retime pop-up menu in the toolbar (or press Shift-H).

    Retime pop-up menu in toolbar

    If you selected a clip, a 2-second hold segment is added to the clip at the position of the skimmer or the playhead.

    If you selected a range, a hold segment is created for the duration of the range. The frame used as the still frame is the first (leftmost) frame in the range.

  3. If you want to adjust the duration of the hold segment, drag the segment’s retiming handle to the right to increase the duration, or to the left to decrease it.

    Timeline showing retiming handle of hold segment being dragged to adjust duration
  4. To see the effect of the hold segment, play back the clip in the Timeline.