Analyzing media overview

You can have Final Cut Pro analyze your media and automatically correct common problems it may find in your video, still images, and audio. For example, you can balance color and remove excess hum or loudness.

You can also analyze clips to identify their contents. Analysis can detect the number of people in a shot and identify if the shot is a close-up, medium, or wide shot. This is helpful if you need to quickly find a certain type of clip while viewing footage or editing a project. For complete lists of the video and audio analysis options, see Video and still-image analysis options and Audio analysis options.

You can analyze media during the import process or after you import the media into Final Cut Pro. You can also set Final Cut Pro to automatically analyze clips you drag directly to the Final Cut Pro Timeline from the Finder.

After certain types of analysis, keywords are automatically added to clips or clip ranges based on the results of the analysis. For example, a clip showing several people might have the Group and Medium Shot keywords assigned. In the Browser, clips with analysis keywords have a purple line at the top. (Clips with keywords you add manually or keywords imported from Finder tags or folder names have a blue line at the top. For more information, see Add keywords to clips.)

Clips shown in Browser and marked with blue and purple lines

Note: This section covers analysis and automatic correction options for event clips only. For information about correcting shaky video and rolling shutter distortion in clips in the Timeline, see Correct excessive shake and rolling shutter issues.