View analysis keywords on clips

If you analyzed media to find people, analysis keywords such as One Person, Close Up Shot, and so on are automatically added to clips or clip ranges. Clips or ranges with analysis keywords are marked with a purple line in the Browser.

Clip with purple line indicating that one or more analysis keywords are applied

You can view a clip’s analysis keywords in several locations in Final Cut Pro.

View keywords in the Skimmer Info window

  1. Choose View > Show Skimmer Info (or press Control-Y).

  2. Skim the clip in the Browser.

    Keywords, including analysis keywords, are displayed in the Skimmer Info window when you hold the pointer over the clip.

    Skimmer Info window

    To turn off Skimmer Info, choose View > Hide Skimmer Info (or press Control-Y).

View keywords in list view in the Browser

  1. Click the List View button.

    List View button
  2. To see a clip’s keywords, click the disclosure triangle next to the clip.

    Browser in list view displaying keywords below clip

View the contents of a Smart Collection

If you chose to create Smart Collections after analysis, clips that have analysis keywords are automatically grouped in Smart Collections within the event in the Libraries list. A Smart Collection is created for each analysis keyword and placed in a People folder in the event.

  • In the Libraries list, select an analysis keyword Smart Collection inside an event.

    The clips with that analysis keyword appear in the Browser. For example, if you select the Medium Shot Smart Collection, all the clips in the event that have the Medium Shot keyword appear in the Browser.

    Browser displaying clips in selected analysis keyword Smart Collection