Add a transition between color corrections

You can have a video clip change from one color correction to another using a transition. For example, if you want a scene to gradually highlight the face of an actor, you can use a transition to dissolve between the normal clip and a second instance of the clip with a shape mask around the face and a color correction applied that darkens the image outside of the mask.

Add a transition between two color corrections

  1. Temporarily switch to the Blade tool by holding down the B key.

  2. In the Timeline, click a video clip at the point where you want to change between color corrections.

    The clip splits into two clips.

  3. Apply a different color correction to each clip.

    You can also leave one clip uncorrected and apply a color correction to the other. The color correction could be an exaggerated tint, an exposure change, or any other noticeable adjustment.

  4. Select the edit point between the two clips, and press Command-T to insert a cross dissolve.

When you play the clip, one color correction dissolves into the other as the edit point is passed.