Match color between clips automatically

Your project likely uses video from a wide variety of sources. The Match Color feature makes it easy to ensure that all scenes that take place in the same location have the same look.

Match color between clips

  1. Select one or more clips in the Timeline that you want to adjust.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Modify > Match Color (or press Option-Command-M).

    • Choose Match Color from the Enhancements pop-up menu in the toolbar.

      Enhancements pop-up menu in toolbar

    The Viewer changes to display the Timeline playhead’s frame on the right and the frame the pointer is over on the left.

    Viewer showing Match Color source and target clips
  3. Skim any clip in the Timeline or the Browser to find a frame with the color look you want to match, and click to preview that look applied to the selected clip.

    You can click a variety of clips until you find the look you want.

    Tip: You may want to import a still image that has the look you want, even if it’s not related to your project, so that you can match its color look.

  4. To accept the current look, click Apply Match in the Match Color window.

The Viewer returns to its normal configuration, and the selected Timeline clips change to the new look.

Turn match color corrections on or off

You can turn off the color match corrections that have been applied to a clip. This is useful for viewing the difference between the original clip and the corrected clip.

  1. In the Timeline, select a clip with match color corrections applied.

  2. Click the Match Color checkbox in the Effects section of the Video inspector.

Note: To ensure the highest-quality results, the Balance Color and Match Color effects always appear at the top of the Effects list in the Video inspector by default.