Display video scopes

You can show video scopes to the left of the video image in the Viewer and the Event Viewer.

Show video scopes

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To open a video scope in the Viewer: Choose Window > Viewer Display > Show Video Scopes (or press Command-7).

    • To open a video scope in the Event Viewer: Choose Window > Event Viewer Display > Show Video Scopes.

    You can also click the View pop-up menu in the top-right corner of the Viewer or Event Viewer and choose Show Video Scopes.

  2. Choose the scope to display from the top section of the Action pop-up menu .

    Viewer and RGB Overlay Histogram
  3. After you choose a scope, choose the display options for the scope from the bottom section of the Action pop-up menu.

Change video scope display settings

You can display up to four video scopes at the same time and choose from 12 different scopes layouts, including a vertical layout in which scopes appear below the Viewer. You can also adjust brightness controls, enable quantitative guides, and display monochrome scopes.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, open a video scope.

  2. Click the View pop-up menu above the video scope display, and choose display settings.

    Video scopes display controls menu
    • To choose a video scopes layout: Click one of the 12 layout icons.

      Note: If you choose a layout with multiple video scopes, each scope pane appears with an Action pop-up menu that you can use to set the display options for that scope.

    • To display scopes below the video image: Choose Vertical Layout.

    • To display quantitative data and guide lines: Choose Show Guides.

    • To set the video scopes display to black and white: Choose monochrome.

    • To adjust the video scopes brightness level: Drag the Brightness slider at the bottom of the menu.

Below are some examples of the many possible combinations of video scopes layouts and settings.

Viewer, Luma Waveform Monitor, Vectorsope, and RGB Parade Histogram
Viewer, RGB Parade Histogram, RGB Overlay Histogram, Vectorsope, and Luma Waveform Monitor
Viewer and monochrome RGB Parade Histogram with guides