Waveform Monitor display options

The Waveform Monitor shows the relative levels of luma and chroma in the clip currently being examined. These values are displayed from left to right, mirroring the relative distribution of luma and chroma levels from left to right in the image. Spikes and dips in the displayed waveforms correspond to light and dark areas in your picture. The waveforms are also tinted to match the color of items in the video.

Viewer and Luma Waveform Monitor

The Settings pop-up menu in the upper-right corner of the Waveform Monitor provides a variety of display options:

  • RGB Parade: Presents three side-by-side waveform displays that display your video as three separate red, green, and blue components. The waveforms are tinted red, green, and blue so that you can easily identify them.

    Viewer and RGB Parade Waveform Monitor

    The RGB Parade view is useful for comparing the relative levels of red, green, and blue between two clips. If one clip has more blue than another, the Waveform Monitor displays an elevated blue waveform for the clip with more blue and a depressed blue waveform for the other clip.

  • RGB Overlay: Combines waveforms for the red, green, and blue color components in one display.

    Viewer and RGB Overlay Waveform Monitor
  • Red: Shows only the red color channel.

  • Green: Shows only the green color channel.

  • Blue: Shows only the blue color channel.

  • Luma: Shows only the luma component of the video.

  • Chroma: Shows only the chroma component of the video, and is tinted to match the video’s colors.

    Viewer and Chroma Waveform Monitor
  • Y’CbCr Parade: Presents three side-by-side waveform displays for the separate luma, Cb (the blue color difference channel), and Cr (the red color difference channel) components. The waveforms are tinted white (for luma), magenta (for Cb), and yellow (for Cr) so that you can easily identify the waveform for each component.

    Viewer and color difference Parade Waveform Monitor
  • IRE: Displays the video range in IRE units.

  • Millivolts: Displays the video range in millivolts.

  • Guides: Turns the Waveform Monitor’s grid and numeric values on or off.

  • Monochrome: Dims and desaturates the scope display to prevent visual distractions and color perception issues in your color-finishing suite.

  • Brightness: Sets the relative lightness or darkness of the scope display.