Find a Timeline clip’s source clip

You can quickly find the source event clip for any clip you’re using in your project in the Timeline. This is particularly useful if you want to duplicate a clip in your project or add the same clip to a different project.

Find and reveal the source event clip for a Timeline clip

  1. In the Timeline, select the clip whose source event clip you want to locate.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose File > Reveal in Browser (or press Shift-F).

    • Control-click the clip and choose Reveal in Browser from the shortcut menu.

    A selection border appears around the source clip or range in the Browser, and the playhead position in the source clip matches the playhead position in the Timeline clip. An orange line along the bottom of the source clip indicates that the clip is being used in the current project (open in the Timeline).

    Browser clip with selected range