Remove clips from your project

When you remove clips from a project in the Timeline, the source media in events, the Final Cut Pro media browsers, and the Finder is not affected.

Delete clips or ranges from the Timeline

  1. In the Timeline, select the clips or the range you want to remove.

  2. Choose Edit > Delete (or press the Delete key).

The selected clips or portions of clips are removed from the Timeline and any clips to the right of the selection ripple to close the resulting gap.

To undo the deletion immediately, choose Edit > Undo (or press Command-Z).

Note: Normally, if you select an entire Timeline clip (for example, with the C key) or a range that consists of an entire clip (for example, with the X key) and delete it, any connected clips or storylines are also deleted. However, it’s possible to delete a clip without affecting its connected clips by holding down the Grave Accent (`) key while pressing the Delete key. For more information, see “Move, trim, or delete clips in the primary storyline without affecting connected clips” in Connect clips to add cutaway shots, titles, and synchronized sound effects. Also, if you delete a partial range of a clip that includes a connected clip or storyline, the connected items are not deleted but are instead shifted to the closest primary storyline clip.

Delete clips or ranges without affecting the total project duration and timing

If you want to remove clips from the Timeline but still maintain the total project duration and timing, you can replace clips with gap clips. This method prevents any ripple edits.

  1. Select the clips or range you want to remove.

    Range selection in Timeline
  2. Choose Edit > Replace with Gap (or press Shift-Delete).

    Final Cut Pro replaces the selection in the Timeline with a gap clip.

    Gap clip in Timeline

Note: This method preserves connected clips. When you replace a clip with a gap clip, any connected clips will be attached to the resulting gap clip.