Make roll edits with the Trim tool

A roll edit adjusts the start point and the end point of two adjacent clips simultaneously. If you like where two clips are placed in the Timeline, but you want to change when the cut point happens, you can use the Trim tool to roll the edit point between the two clips. No clips move in the Timeline as a result; only the edit point between the two clips moves. No other clips in the project are affected.

When you perform a roll edit, the overall duration of the project stays the same, but both clips change duration. One gets longer while the other gets shorter to compensate.

Edit point between two clips being changed with roll edit

In the example above, clip B gets shorter while clip C becomes longer, but the combined duration of the two clips stays the same.

You can see a “two-up” display in the Viewer as you trim edit points in the Timeline. This display shows a more detailed view of each side of an edit point. For more information, see Show detailed trimming feedback.

Roll an edit point

  1. Choose the Trim tool from the Tools pop-up menu in the toolbar (or press T).

    Trim tool in Tools pop-up menu

    The pointer changes to the Trim tool icon .

    Tip: To switch to the Trim tool temporarily, hold down the T key. When you release the T key, the tool reverts to the previously active tool.

  2. In the Timeline, click the center of the edit point you want to roll so that both sides of the edit point are selected.

    Center of edit point selected in Timeline
  3. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the edit point left or right.

    • Press the Plus Sign (+) key or the Minus Sign (–) key followed by the timecode duration to add or subtract from the current edit, and press Return.

      The timecode entry field (with blue numbers) appears in the Dashboard in the toolbar as you type.

      For more information about entering timecode values, see Navigate using timecode.

    • Position the playhead or skimmer at a point in the Timeline to which you want to move the edit point, and choose Trim > Extend Edit (or press Shift-X).

    The edit point is rolled to the new location. The combined duration of the two clips stays the same.

    Edit point moved to new location

    If you can’t roll the edit point any farther and one side of the edit point appears red, you’ve reached the end of the media for one of the two clips.

    Red edit point indicating end of available media