Editing overview

The term video editing refers both to broader stages of a project workflow and to very specific manual tasks that you do with clips in a project Timeline.

  • Create a project: To create a movie in Final Cut Pro, you first create a project, which provides a record of your editing decisions and the media you use. See Create a new project.

  • Make selections and add clips to the Timeline: Adding and arranging clips in your project is the fundamental step in creating a movie with Final Cut Pro. You move and reorder clips in the Timeline. See Adding clips overview, Arrange clips in the Timeline, and Audio overview.

  • Cut and trim clips: Final Cut Pro provides a wide variety of tools for adjusting the start and end points of clips in the Timeline and for controlling pacing from one shot to the next. See Trimming overview.

  • Further refine and adjust your project: Final Cut Pro provides many advanced editing tools to finish a highly polished movie with ease. See topics in the advanced editing section.

  • Add effects and color correction: Finishing touches include visual effects and color correction. See Transitions, titles, effects, and generators overview and Color correction overview.

Timeline showing toolbar, connected clips, primary storyline, and audio clips