Edit, move, and navigate to markers

You can view and edit marker information, and you can move markers within a clip or to different clips.

Edit marker information and change marker types

By default, new markers are blue standard markers with placeholder text. You can change the text at any time, and you can change the marker type to other marker types, including chapter markers, to-do items, and completed to-do items.

  1. To view a marker’s information, do one of the following:

    • Select the marker and choose Mark > Markers > Modify Marker (or press Shift-M).

    • Control-click the marker and choose Modify Marker from the shortcut menu.

    • Double-click the marker.

    The marker’s information appears above the marker.

    Marker information appearing above marker in Timeline
  2. To modify the marker, do any of the following:

    • To change the descriptive text for the marker: Type the new text in the text field. (The text is automatically selected when the marker information appears, so you don’t need to select it.)

    • To make the marker a chapter marker: Click the Chapter Marker button.

      The marker turns into an orange chapter marker. For more information, see Manage chapter markers and their thumbnail images.

    • To make the marker a to-do item: Click the To-Do Item button.

      The marker turns red.

    • To indicate that a to-do item is completed: Select the Completed checkbox.

      The marker turns green.

      Completed checkbox selected for To-Do Item marker, and marker appearing green in Timeline
    • To make the marker a standard marker: Click the Standard Marker button.

      The marker turns blue.

  3. Click Done.

Move or copy a marker

You can move or copy markers with the familiar Mac commands Cut, Copy, and Paste.

  1. Control-click the marker you want to move or copy, and choose an option from the shortcut menu.

    • To move the marker: Choose Cut Marker.

    • To copy the marker: Choose Copy Marker.

  2. Position the skimmer or the playhead where you want to move or copy the marker.

  3. Choose Edit > Paste (or press Command-V).

    The marker appears at the new location.

Nudge a marker one frame at a time

  1. Click a marker to select it.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To nudge the marker one frame to the right: Choose Mark > Markers > Nudge Marker Right, or press Control-Period (.).

    • To nudge the marker one frame to the left: Choose Mark > Markers > Nudge Marker Left, or press Control-Comma (,).

Move between markers

You can move quickly from marker to marker in the Timeline or the Browser.

  • To go to the next marker: Choose Mark > Next > Marker, or press Control-Apostrophe (’).

  • To go to the previous marker: Choose Mark > Previous > Marker, or press Control-Semicolon (;).