Markers overview

Markers are reference points you can place within clips to locate, identify, annotate, and navigate to specific frames. In editing, markers are particularly useful for synchronizing two or more clips at a specific point. For example, you can use a marker to label the frame where a door slams and then snap a sound effect to that marker. You can use markers to flag a specific location in a clip with editing notes or other descriptive information. When you add chapter markers to specific points in your project, viewers can use the markers to quickly jump to those points in the movie after it’s been exported or burned to DVD or Blu-ray disc. You can also use markers for task management.

Markers are classified as standard markers (blue), chapter markers (orange), to-do items (red), or completed to-do items (green).

Markers on clip in Timeline

You work with markers in the same way for clips in the Browser and clips in the Timeline.