Import and adjust REDCODE RAW video files

You can import and work with REDCODE RAW (R3D) files in Final Cut Pro.

RAW format video files require some additional steps before and after import.

After the R3D RAW files are imported, you can make nondestructive color correction adjustments directly within Final Cut Pro.

Import REDCODE RAW (R3D) files

  1. Install the appropriate plug-in.

    In order for Final Cut Pro to recognize the R3D RAW files, you must download and install the corresponding plug-in. For more information, go to

  2. Import the media.

    Important: When you import the media, make sure to deselect the “Create optimized media” and “Create proxy media” options, because any transcoding work done during import will be discarded if you adjust the RAW settings in the next step.

    For more information about importing media, see Import from file-based cameras and Import from a hard disk. For more information about transcoding media, see Manage optimized and proxy media files.

    Note: If you are importing files from the RED ONE camera, it is recommended that you import the R3D RAW files only. The RED ONE camera typically generates a set of up to four QuickTime reference movie (.mov) files for each R3D RAW file. If you select both the R3D file and the reference movies during the import process, Final Cut Pro imports the R3D file only. If you need to import a reference movie, select only the reference movie, not the R3D file.

  3. Adjust the RAW settings (with Final Cut Pro or with an external application such as REDCINE–X PRO).

    You can apply a nondestructive “one-light” color correction to the R3D RAW clips immediately after import, to give your footage a more finished look for editing and review.

    If you have a professional production with sophisticated color correction needs, you can revisit these RAW settings during the finishing stage. For more information, see “Adjust RED RAW settings,” below.

  4. If you like, generate optimized or proxy media from the R3D RAW files.

    For more information, see “Transcode clips after import” in Manage optimized and proxy media files.

    To control whether Final Cut Pro displays optimized, proxy, or original media in the Viewer, and whether video playback is optimized for quality or performance, choose the corresponding options from the Viewer Options pop-up menu in the upper-right corner of the Viewer. For more information, see Control playback quality and performance.

  5. Add the R3D RAW clips to your project and edit them as you would any other clips.

Adjust RED RAW settings

You can adjust REDCODE RAW (R3D) files using the RED RAW Settings window.

Metadata about REDCODE RAW (R3D) files can be stored in two locations:

  • Internal (embedded) settings: This is metadata information recorded by the camera and embedded in the R3D RAW file. It always remains with the file. These camera settings can be superseded by settings in the external RMD file, but they are never overwritten. You can revert to these camera settings by deleting any existing RMD file or by choosing Original Camera Settings from the Revert To pop-up menu in the RED RAW Settings window.

  • External RMD file: This is an external metadata file with the file extension .RMD. This file is created by Final Cut Pro, REDCINE-X PRO, or similar software applications. If you adjust RED RAW settings in Final Cut Pro and an RMD file already exists, the existing file is overwritten when the changes are saved. The embedded camera settings remain intact.

  1. Install the appropriate plug-in.

    In order for Final Cut Pro to recognize the R3D RAW files, you must download and install the corresponding plug-in. For more information, go to

  2. In the Browser or the Timeline, select the clip or clips you want to adjust.

    Note: Compound clips cannot be adjusted.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-4).

    • Click the Inspector button in the toolbar.

      Inspector button in toolbar
  4. Click the Info button at the top of the pane that appears.

  5. In the Info inspector, click the Modify RED RAW Settings button.

  6. In the RED RAW Settings window, adjust the settings.

    Your changes are saved nondestructively to an external metadata file with the file extension .RMD, overwriting any existing RMD metadata file. Unlike video effects that are applied to a clip, these adjustments are associated with the file (via the RMD metadata file). Any changes you make to these settings are applied to all copies of the selected clip or clips.

    Note: Final Cut Pro supports the RED ROCKET card, a PCI card that provides a significant boost in performance.

    For more information about REDCODE RAW (R3D) files and the RED ROCKET card, go to