If your camera or device isn’t recognized

If you’ve connected your camera or device to your computer but the Media Import window doesn’t open, or Final Cut Pro can’t control your device, there are several things you can do to try to establish the connection.

Check your equipment and system

  1. Make sure that you’re using the correct equipment configuration:

    • Your camcorder or camera must be compatible with Final Cut Pro. For a list of compatible devices, go to the following support page: Final Cut Pro X Supported Cameras.

    • Your device must be connected properly to your computer.

    • Your camcorder must be set to the correct output mode. On some camcorders, this is called VTR or VCR mode, but not all camcorders use the same terminology, so check the documentation that came with your device. On some camcorders you must set the output to DV mode or HDV mode, depending on whether the content is standard (DV) or high definition (HDV).

    • If you’re connecting a tape-based camcorder to your computer, you should be using a FireWire cable (also called IEEE 1394, or i.LINK), not a USB cable.

      See About memory cards and cables for more information.

    • If you’re importing video clips from a still camera or other flash memory device, make sure the file format of your video is MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or AVCHD, all of which are compatible with Final Cut Pro.

    • If your still camera is not supported by Final Cut Pro, try importing the media as files, using a card slot on your Mac computer or an external card reader.

      See Import from a hard disk for more information.

    • If you’ve enabled Fast User Switching, make sure no one else is trying to use the camcorder from a different account at the same time.

  2. If you still can’t import media after checking the items above, try the following:

    • Turn the device off and on again.

    • Disconnect the cable from both the device and the computer, and then reconnect it.

    • Quit and then reopen Final Cut Pro.

    • Restart your computer.

    • Try using a different cable.

    • Try using a different computer with Final Cut Pro installed.

    • If you’re using a file-based camcorder, use the Finder to copy the mounted volume to a local disk. Then open the files in Final Cut Pro in the same way that you open an archive.

Note: When you see red frames and a yellow alert triangle in a Timeline or event, Final Cut Pro is alerting you that part of your project or event is missing. For more information, see Alert icons.