Multi-Touch gestures

If your computer has a Multi-Touch trackpad, you can use the Multi-Touch gestures listed in the table below when working with Final Cut Pro.

For more information about Multi-Touch gestures, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Trackpad.



Two-finger pinch

Pinch (two-finger): Pinch closed with two fingers to zoom out of the Timeline or window. Pinch open to zoom in to the Timeline or window.

Two-finger double-tap

Double-tap (two-finger): Double-tap with two fingers to zoom the Timeline so that all the clips fill the visible part of the Timeline.

Two-finger swipe gesture

Scroll (two-finger): Swipe with two fingers to move the Timeline left, right, up, or down.

Two-finger click gesture

Click (two-finger): Click once to open the shortcut menu.

Three-finger scroll gesture

Drag (three-finger): Drag a selection rectangle over the Timeline or event clips you want to select, or drag to move selected clips.

Three-finger swipe gesture

Scroll (three-finger): Swipe left or right to move the playhead to the previous or next edit point. Swipe up or down to move the playhead to the beginning or end of the Timeline.

Note: To enable this gesture, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Trackpad, and click More Gestures. Click the “Swipe between pages” pop-up menu and choose “Swipe with three fingers.” Enabling this gesture automatically disables the “Drag (three-finger)” gesture described above.