Keyboard shortcuts and Multi-Touch gestures overview

Final Cut Pro provides several ways to increase your efficiency while you put together your project:

  • Standard keyboard shortcuts: Many common tasks, such as opening a specific window or adding a clip from the Browser to the Timeline, can be accomplished very quickly by pressing one or more keys. See Keyboard shortcuts.

  • Multi-Touch gestures: If you have a Multi-Touch trackpad or mouse, you can take advantage of Multi-Touch gestures to quickly perform many tasks while creating your project. See Multi-Touch gestures.

  • Custom keyboard shortcuts: You can add to the standard keyboard shortcuts by creating your own custom keyboard shortcuts for features that you use frequently, such as Color Board controls. Or if you’re more familiar with keyboard shortcuts from another application, you can use the Command Editor to substitute those keyboard shortcuts in place of the default set in Final Cut Pro. See View keyboard shortcuts in the Command Editor.