Add and delete control points

You draw the shape of your complex mask by adding and adjusting control points. The default drawing shape type is Bezier, but you can change the shape type before creating the mask if you want to draw with a linear or B-Spline shape instead.

Set the shape type to Bezier, linear, or B-Spline

It’s best to set the shape type in the Video inspector before you create your mask. Changing the type in the middle of drawing your mask may radically alter the shape.

  1. Add a Draw Mask effect to a clip in the Timeline, and select the clip.

  2. To open the Video inspector, click the Inspector button in the toolbar (shown below), and click the Video button at the top of the pane that appears.

    Inspector button in toolbar
  3. In the Draw Mask section of the Video inspector, click the Shape Type pop-up menu and choose the type of mask shape you want to use: Linear, Bezier, or B-Spline.

Add control points to a Draw Mask

In the Viewer, do one of the following:

  • Option-click or double-click the edge of a mask.

    Note: To add control points to a B-Spline mask, Option-click or double-click the B-Spline frame’s edge, rather than the edge of the mask itself.

  • Control-click the edge of a mask, then choose Add Point from the shortcut menu.

Delete control points from a Draw Mask

If a mask has more control points than are necessary, you can delete points to make it easier to edit. This can be helpful if you animate the mask later on.

  1. In the Viewer, select control points to delete.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Edit > Delete.

    • Control-click the selected points, then choose Delete Point from the shortcut menu.

    • Press Delete.

The mask shape is updated in the Viewer. If you remove points from a closed mask, the mask remains closed.

Viewer showing point deleted from shape