Consolidate projects, events, and libraries

In the course of creating a project, you might use media files from a variety of locations, including your local computer and external storage devices. If the media used in a project, an event, or a library is located in multiple folders or on multiple hard disks, you can consolidate all the media in one location (on one storage device). This process facilitates archiving and makes it easier for others to access the media (using shared storage, for example).

The consolidate command places the files in the current library storage location. You view and set storage locations for media, cache files, and library backup files using the Library Properties inspector. For more information, see Manage storage locations.

The Consolidate command follows these rules:

  • When you consolidate files out of a library to an external folder, the files are moved.

  • When you consolidate files into a library from an external folder, or from an external folder to another external folder, the files are copied.

These rules prevent broken links from other libraries.

Note: If the media is already external, and no other libraries are using it, you can manually delete the original media after consolidating to save storage space.

Collect the source media files for a library, an event, or a project in one location

  1. If you don’t see the Libraries list, click the button at the bottom-left corner of the Browser.

    Show button
  2. To select files to consolidate, do one of the following:

    • Select a library in the Libraries list.

    • Select one or more events in the Libraries list.

    • Select an event in the Libraries list, and then select one or more projects in the Browser.

  3. Choose File > Consolidate [item].

  4. In the window that appears, confirm the library to consolidate the files into.

  5. If you want to include optimized and proxy media, select the checkboxes in the window that appears.

  6. Click OK.

    Final Cut Pro copies the media into the current library storage location. To view or change library storage locations, see Manage storage locations.

    If a message appears stating that there is nothing to consolidate, all of your media files are already consolidated at one location, on one storage device.

Note: If you have customized any Final Cut Pro effects, transitions, titles, generators, or themes, you must manually back up and move the Motion Templates folder located in your Movies folder. Similarly, you must manually track and move any third-party effects, because they are not managed within the Final Cut Pro library.