Save searches as Smart Collections

When you search for clips or projects in a library or an event using the Filter window, you can save your results by creating a new Smart Collection that gathers items matching the search criteria. Anytime a new item that matches the Smart Collection’s search criteria is brought into the event or library, the new item is automatically added to the Smart Collection.

Clips and projects that appear in Smart Collections are not duplicates. Smart Collections filter items in an event to help you focus on the items you need to use for a specific task.

Create a Smart Collection based on search criteria

  1. In the Libraries list, select one or more events or a library.

    Note: If you select multiple events, Final Cut Pro creates a library Smart Collection in the Smart Collections folder for that library.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Use the Filter window to search for clips or projects based on specified criteria, then click the New Smart Collection (or New Library Smart Collection) button in the Filter window.

    • Choose File > New > Smart Collection or File > New > Library Smart Collection (or press Option-Command-N).

      If you create the Smart Collection using this method, you need to double-click the Smart Collection to open the Filter window and enter your specified search criteria.

    A new, untitled Smart Collection appears in the event or in the library Smart Collections folder.

  3. Type a name for the Smart Collection, and press Return.

Change the contents of a Smart Collection

  1. In the Libraries list, double-click the Smart Collection whose contents you want to change.

    The Filter window for the Smart Collection appears.

    Filter window for Smart Collection
  2. Revise the search criteria in the Filter window.

  3. When you’re finished specifying search criteria, close the Filter window.

Note: Modifying a clip’s ratings or keywords in such a way that it no longer matches a Smart Collection’s search criteria results in the clip no longer appearing in the Smart Collection.

Delete a Smart Collection

  • In the Libraries list, select the Smart Collection you want to delete, and choose File > Delete Smart Collection (or press Command-Delete).

    The Smart Collection is removed from the library, but its associated items (the clips and projects that appeared in it) are unaffected.

Tip: To create a Keyword Collection for an entire library, create a library Smart Collection using one or more keywords as the search criteria.