Delete clips, events, and projects

You can delete unwanted clips and projects. You can also delete an entire event from your library in order to free up storage space. When you delete a clip or a project from an event, or delete an entire event, Final Cut Pro moves the source media files to the Trash. There is one exception: media that is being used by other projects in your library always remains in the library.

Note: Libraries must contain at least one event.

Delete clips or projects from an event, or delete an entire event

  1. In the Libraries list, select the event you want to delete or delete items from.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To delete items from the event: Select the clips or projects you want to remove, and choose File > Move to Trash (or press Command-Delete).

      Note: You cannot select clips and projects at the same time.

    • To delete the entire event: Choose File > Move Event to Trash (or press Command-Delete).

The selected items are deleted. To permanently delete the source media files from your hard disk, empty the Trash.

WARNING: After the Trash is emptied, the deleted clips and all of the associated source media files cannot be restored.