Play back and skim media in the Event Viewer

Sometimes, you may need two viewers so that you can play back and skim event clips separately from Timeline clips. The Event Viewer is a separate video display that appears next to the main Viewer. With the Event Viewer and the Viewer open, you can display two clips at the same time: one in the Browser and one in the Timeline.

Event Viewer and Viewer

You use the Event Viewer to play clips in the Browser only. As with the main Viewer, you can show video scopes, color channels, title and action safe zones, and multicam angles (with the Event Viewer set to show angles). Playback and adjustment controls are identical in the Viewer and the Event Viewer. Other viewer-related operations (including onscreen controls and built-in effects) are done with the main Viewer.

The dual-viewer interface is derived from linear tape-based systems, which included both source and record monitors. The source monitor was for previewing source clips and making selections in them. The record monitor was for playing back the edited program.

Open the Event Viewer

  • Choose Window > Show Event Viewer (or press Control-Command-3).

To close the Event Viewer, choose Window > Hide Event Viewer (or press Control-Command-3).

Note: If you’re using video scopes with the Event Viewer, you may find it convenient to display the scopes below the video image rather than on the left side (the default). To display scopes below the video image, choose Vertical Layout from the Settings pop-up menu in the Event Viewer. For more information, see Display video scopes.