Editing preferences

Editing preferences affect editing behaviors in Final Cut Pro.

Editing pane of Preferences window


  • Show detailed trimming feedback: Select this checkbox to show the “two-up” display in the Viewer for more accurate feedback on an edit point involving two contiguous clips. For example, for a simple ripple or roll edit, this display shows the end point of the left clip and the start point of the right clip.

  • Position playhead after edit operation: Select this checkbox to have the playhead automatically positioned in the Timeline at the end of your last edit. For example, if you insert a clip between two clips in the Timeline, the playhead is automatically positioned between the inserted clip and the clip that follows it.

Inspector Units

  • Inspector Units: Use this pop-up menu to choose how values are displayed in inspector controls for Transform, Crop, and Distort effects.

    • Pixels: Choose this setting to display values as pixels.

    • Percentages: Choose this setting to display values as percentages.


  • Show reference waveforms: Select this checkbox to change the background appearance of the audio portion of a clip to show reference waveforms. A reference waveform shows the maximum visual resolution possible of the actual audio waveform. By factoring out loudness, reference waveforms let you see the shape of the sound more clearly. When the actual waveform changes shape (for example, it is diminished when a clip’s volume level is low), you can continue to see its reference waveform in full for easy reference when editing.

Still Images

  • Editing duration is x seconds: Use this value slider to set the default editing duration of still-image and freeze-frame clips in seconds.


  • Duration is x seconds: Use this value slider to set the default duration of transitions in seconds.