Export your project using Compressor

The destinations available in Final Cut Pro provide many options for exporting projects and clips. If you need more options, you can use Compressor, the professional transcoding application designed to work directly with Final Cut Pro, to create highly customized export settings. For example, you can use the Compressor frame resizing and retiming controls to make high-quality frame size and frame rate adjustments in your output files.

Important: To export using Compressor, you must have Compressor 4.1 installed. Compressor 4.1 must be purchased separately.

Send your project to Compressor

  1. Select a project or a clip in the Browser, or a range in a project or a clip.

  2. Choose File > Send to Compressor.

    Note: The Send to Compressor command is dimmed if Compressor is not installed on the same computer as Final Cut Pro.

    Compressor opens with a new batch that contains a job with the project’s or clip’s media file.

  3. Configure the job by clicking Add Outputs and following the instructions, then click Start Batch.

For more information about configuring jobs and settings, see Compressor Help.