Sharing projects overview

Final Cut Pro provides a variety of destinations, or preconfigured export settings, that you can use to output your project or clip. For example, you can export a project or clip as a QuickTime movie, export it for viewing on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, publish it to websites such as Facebook and YouTube, or burn it to a disc. You can also save a frame from your movie or export an image sequence. Each of these options uses a different destination.

When you first open Final Cut Pro, a default set of destinations appears in the Share submenu of the File menu and in the Share pop-up menu.

Destinations in Share pop-up menu

Details about each destination in the default set are listed in the table below.


Use to


Burn your project to a standard-definition (SD) DVD.

Master File (default)

Export your project as a QuickTime movie file.

Apple Devices 720p

Export files for iPhone and iPod.

Apple Devices 1080p

Export files for iPad.




Publish your project to your account on any of these websites.

You can easily add destinations or replace the default set of destinations with your own customized destinations. For example, if you want to save a frame from your movie as a Photoshop file, you need to add the Save Current Frame destination to your set and specify that the destination export a Photoshop file. You create and modify destinations in the Destinations pane of Final Cut Pro preferences.

You can also create a bundle of destinations to export several types of output at once. For more information, see Create and modify share destinations.

The default destination is Master File. You can quickly share to that destination by pressing Command-E. To change which destination is the default (and will be activated by that keyboard shortcut), see Create and modify share destinations.

To further customize your output, you can use Compressor, the professional transcoding application. For more information, see Export your project using Compressor.