What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.0.3

Final Cut Pro 10.0.3 includes major new features and enhancements, detailed below.

Multicam editing

You can now use multicam clips to edit footage from multicamera shoots or other synchronized footage in real time. Working with multicam clips in Final Cut Pro is a flexible and fluid process. While the active angle plays in the Viewer, you can also view all angles playing simultaneously in the Angle Viewer and easily cut and switch between them. You can create multicam clips from diverse media sources and modify existing multicam clips during the editing process.

For more information, see Multicam editing overview.

A/V output

You can now connect your computer to an external video monitor for audio and video (A/V) output. In addition to showing you how video and audio look and sound on an NTSC/PAL or HD broadcast monitor, this feature also allows you to test output with more sophisticated devices such as vectorscopes and waveform monitors.

A/V output is available only with OS X Lion v10.7.2 or later and requires compatible third-party video interface hardware and software. FireWire DV devices are not supported. For more information, contact the device manufacturer or go to the Final Cut Pro X Resources webpage.

For more information, see View playback on an external video monitor.

Manual relinking of clips to media files

Now you can manually relink event clips and project clips to media files. Manual relinking gives you more control over your post-production workflow.

For more information, see Relink clips to media files.

Other notable features